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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 20, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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back to you. >> melissa mollet live in arlington for us. melissa, thank you. this is the second police involved crash in two days. three people, including a montgomery county police officer, were hurt in a crash along colesville road in silver spring. police officer brandon hopkins was responding to a call around midnight when he lost control of his cruiser and slammed into a toyota. his investigation snarled the morning commute for nine hours. police are investigating the a shooting in springfield, fairfax county. 75-year-old gary hanson was shot inside his home along chancellor way. that's just off the fairfax county parkway. police swarmed that neighborhood and told residents to stay inside their homes until the area was secured. at this point in the investigation, police are not releasing much information, leaving neighbors wondering just how this happened. >> i knew his wife a little bit better because she would walk and we'd see her more often. we would go down there and clear their driveway for them in the heavy snow. they were an elderly couple.
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they had a couple of sons that lived there off and on. >> police did issue a lookout for gary hanson's son richard. richard hanson is not considered a suspect. he's wanted because he has a medical condition and considered a danger to himself. police say he may be driving a 1998 four-door green saturn with virginia tags klg-2406. >> 4:31. time for weather and traffic on the ones. our first look at this horrific -- is that a little strong? >> it's a little strong. it's pretty bad. don't get me wrong. >> we're going to use that word at the end of the week. we could have three days in a row that top out at 99 or 100 degrees, something we have not seen in a long time. if there's any good news about what's going on with the weather, we're halfway through this heat wave, and yesterday we did get cooling thunderstorms. annapolis picked up almost .5 inch of rain. leonard town, almost 1 inch of rain. cooled us down a bit.
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humidity still up. 78 degrees. 73 degrees according to dewpoint temperature. humidity at 84% right now. adams morgan and d.c. right now at 78 degrees. good morning to you folks in alexandria, you're now sitting at 73. laytonsville, maryland, too at 73 degrees. the radar is quiet after those storms yesterday. had a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings that popped. today about the only thing we're going to see is hazy sunshine with maybe an outside chance of an isolated thunderstorm. that's about it. we are going to get up to a high temperature in the day, folks, of 95, 96 degrees. that will take it two degrees cooler than yesterday. already by noontime i think the mercury is going to be topping out over 90 degrees. so hazy sunshine for today. another carbon copy day coming our way. we'll talk more about this heat wave coming up in a few minutes. let's talk about traffic with danella sealock. melissa mollet is on the
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scene of this accident that has washington boulevard closed at north glebe road. i want you to avoid this area. it's going to be an ongoing investigation for a few more hours. you can see the road is still shut down. i'm going to follow this for you. melissa is 0 not ton the scene s as well. 95 at the occoquan, you are clear in both directions in virginia. and the beltway in maryland, inner loop and outer loop, no accidents to report this morning. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another update. aaron and eun, back to you. today the airport authority could decide how the metro runs to dulles. they're set to vote on the plan for an above ground metro station at the airport. the board had originally voted for an underground station that claimed it would be less of an eyesore, more continue, and would last longer.
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transportation secretary ray lahood prefers an above ground station and other changes that would save about $1 billion on the project. and more news for virginia commuters. traffic on 395 may be getting even worse in coming years. the washington examiner is reporting that state officials are cutting $100 million of transit upgrades that were supposed to be part of the '95 hot lanes project. those include new bus rapid transit stations and new bus routes. the improvements were supposed to ease congestion during construction of the hot lanes which will run between garrison road in stafford county and edsall road in fairfax county. this morning lawmakers will have a new plan to consider as a new group has weighed in on the debt debate. the gang of six, three democratic and three republican senators, including virginia's mark warner, introduced a new plan yesterday. it would reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade and add $1 trillion in tax revenue. it has already received bipartisan support, including from the president. but house republicans are still
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pushing for cut, cap, and balance, which passed the house yesterday primarily along party lines. the president says for the first time, however, he is seeing signs of compromise. >> i think we now are seeing the potential for a bipartisan consensus. >> we're here because the american people told us overwhelmingly cut the spending, cut the debt. >> cut, cap, and balance is expected to die in the democratic controlled senate. the president could get a feel for what folks in our region think about the debt ceiling debate later this week at a town hall. the university of maryland says president obama is scheduled to visit college park to participate in that meeting on friday. it will be held at the richie coliseum, one of the smaller venues on campus, which holds only about 1,200 people. the university says a small number of general admission tickets will be available. meanwhile, a new nbc
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news/"the wall street journal" poll says 62% of democrats want their own party to bend on the debt ceiling. 53% of republicans and independents want concessions. 55% say, if the debt ceiling isn't raised, it would mean a serious problem. a default problem would mean serious problems for the country and the local economy as well. moodies moody's is warning it will lower the credit ratings of five states, which includes maryland and virginia. states that receive large amounts of federal funding or are at home infoto federal jobs at high risk of being impacted by the default. the tea party will hold a presidential twitter debate. congressman michelle bachmann,
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herman cain, and rick santorum will participate. the online debate begins at 3:00 this afternoon and runs until 4:30. republican presidential hopeful michelle bachmann quickly fires back over a report about her health. the minnesota congresswoman says her ability to function effectively has never been impeded by migraines. she says she takes prescription medication to keep her migraines under control. former aides told an online news site that bachmann went to the hospital for migraines and at times those migraines left her incapacitateded. the northern virginia man accused of firing shots at several military facilities will go to court on several unrelated charges. jonathan melaku is accused of a series of vehicle break-ins in leesburg. and the shootings at the marine corps museum, the pentagon, the marine corps recruiting station in shan tilly and the recruiting office in woodbridge. he was arrested after police spotted him in arlington national cemetery with a
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backpack that included ammonium nitrate. the chemical can be used as a bomb making material. nfl players could begin to open the lock that's kept them from practicing for four months with a vote on a new collective bargaining agreement today. the players association reviewed portions of the new deal yesterday, and they hope to be presented with a final version today. if players are able to approve that new deal today, owners would take a vote of their own tomorrow during a special meeting in atlanta. the final hurdle remains how to settle a lawsuit filed by ten players in the league. ahead, why you shouldn't believe everything you read on restaurant menus.
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the ones. time now 4:41 as we take a look around the area. we've got a temperature of 78 degrees in berry farms. ft. washington, good morning to you, you're at 73. maryville at 74. olney too at 74 degrees. today like yesterday we're going to be just on the other side of the 93 degree mark. getting up to a high temperature of 96. by noontime already over 90. we'll have hazy sunshine and only an isolated thunderstorm
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today. we got some scattered storms yesterday. of course, there were a few locations that picked up just over .5 inch of rain. any of those spots may have a little fog this morning here. by 11:00, 82 degrees. temperatures coming our way overnight are going to be even higher than they were yesterday. look at thursday, friday, and saturday, 99 to 101. extended forecast in a few. danella? >> good morning. starting out again in virginia. still have washington boulevard closed at north glebe road. you can see right here this is a police cruiser. another police officer on the scene. this road is going to be shut down for a while. avoid it while police investigate. other than that, our area is pretty quiet. here's a look at 395 and edsall. 395 you're clear all the way to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, 270 is good. this is a look at 270 and montrose road. 270 north and south, it's a clear commute for you so far. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. it is 4:42 right now. still to come, a new study that
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welcome back at 4:45. this is the earth from the space shuttle "atlantis." the shuttle is heading back to earth after resupplying the international space station. the four person crew will spend the day putting equipment away and doing television interviews. this is the last flight for the space shuttle program, ending a 30-year era. landing is scheduled for 5:56 tomorrow morning, and you can watch it live right here on "news 4 today." 15 before the hour. today british prime minister david cameron will be in the hot seat answering questions about the phone hacking scandal. he cut short a trip to africa
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and called a special session of parliament. news corp chief executive rupert murdoch and his son testified before british lawmakers yesterday. the murdochs control a media entire that includes the newspaper involved in hacking "news of the world." yesterday the murdochs apologized for the scandal but denied responsibility. >> i would just like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> former editor rebekah brooks also testified. she too denied any knowledge of illegal activity. at least one person from the d.c. area was arrested and accused in taking part of a cyber attack on paypal's website as part of the pro wikileaks group anonymous. 14 people in all were arrested. the attacks were launched after paypal suspended wikileaks donation accounts in 2010.
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wikileaks released a large number of state department cables on its website. athe time wikileaks claimed that paypal was trying to economically strangle the website. the man accused of going on a shooting rampage at ft. hood in 2009 will be formally charged. former major nadal hasan will be indicted on 13 counts of premedicated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder. because hasan faces the death penalty, he is required to plead not guilty. attorneys say hasan may use an insanity defense to begin in his trial next march. a technology company accused of secretly working for the pakistani government. the fbi says the organization was actually run by elements of the pakistani government.
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if that's the case, the man arrested broke the law because he never told the justice department about his ties to a federal government. he is due in federal court in alexandria tomorrow. news 4 has uncovered new information about the accused murderer who escaped from custody in the district. police worried about potential witnesses. news 4's jackie benson has exclusive details. >> reporter: when police described escaped murder suspect 24-year-old james brewer as armed and dangerous, they weren't kidding. in fact, they were nervous. brewer was arrested last thursday for the june 27th murder of solomon reese. the 71-year-old army veteran was robbed and killed in his southeast d.c. apartment by three men, one of whom shot him. sources tell news 4 investigators believed that, as they were closing in on suspect james brewer, more people started to get hurt. sunday, july 10th, rochelle avenue in district heights, 26-year-old dwight donnell hicks
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was shot to death while standing near a metro bus stop just before 1:00 a.m. police believe he knew something about the murder of mr. reese, the elderly army veteran. sources tell news 4 james brewer is a person of interest in the murder of dwight hicks. sources say detectives are also looking at brewer in connection with a frightening incident at this home in southeast washington just two days after the hicks murder. a molotov cocktail was thrown through the front window in the middle of the night. luckily, the fire was quickly extinguished. brewer was arrested last thursday in newport news, virginia. by friday he had escaped custody in the district and cut his hair, similar to this older photo, to avoid being recaptured. brewer, of course, did turn himself in after extensive media coverage in the case. jackie benson, "news 4 today." it is now 4:49. police in fairfax county are searching for a man this morning who they say sexually assaulted a woman in her own apartment and
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may now be targeting her neighbors. the first attack came early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle in norton. police say a man broke into a window and sexually assaulted a woman while her three daughters, ages 2, 3, and 9 slept down the hall. the man got away. since then neighbors have noticed damage to their windows and screens. police do not have a description of the suspect but say he is masked and armed with a hammer. police in frederick, maryland, are offering support to neighbors of a woman shot to death earlier this month. tonight officers will provide neighbors of trenyce richardson with advice and help. three children and two adults are recovering this morning after a tree limb fell on them. the kids were all attending the people's church summer vacation bible camp.
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they were visiting garfield park in southeast when the tree limb fell. we're told the injuries are serious, but none are considered life threatening. we've been telling you about black bear sightings in the d.c. area for a couple of weeks now. this morning we're getting a good look at one. a viewer sent us pictures of a black bear in bethesda, montgomery county. these were taken two days ago in the carter rock neighborhood. earlier this month residents of leesburg in loudoun county reported several black bear sightings. there's no word if this could be the same bear. >> i don't know. that makes me concerned. i don't want to be anywhere near a black bear any time. i don't care if it's a cub or what. >> people who want lots of trees and wooded areas around their houses, all sorts of things come out of the woods in the middle of the night. >> that's why you stay in the city. >> no trees for me. i'm fine. >> you expect that in colorado living out there near the park areas, but not so much out here. >> we live in a very green space. we're happy for it, though. >> the deer in the front yard all the time. >> that's right.
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>> how about this forecast? everyone is sweating it out the next couple of days, bears and all. i said earlier we're halfway through the heat wave. unfortunately, what i didn't mention earlier is the worst is yet to come. we had high temperatures in the mid and upper 90s already, but how about 100 degrees? that's what we're going to get at the end of this work week. in fact, starting tomorrow, high temperature around 99 degrees. 78 degrees is where we are right now. temperatures running about two degrees from where we were yesterday at the same time. the dewpoint temperature is a little higher, so that means we're right on par with where we were yesterday. a light wind out of the east at 5 miles per hour. look at some of the other readings throughout the area right now from 78 here to 73 in frederick, maryland, 75 leesburg, 72 degrees currently folks down south in fredericksburg, virginia. the radar is quiet. yesterday we did get storms
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throughout the area. leonardtown picking up 1 inch of rain. annapolis, maryland, just over .5 inch of rain. most of the areas dry right now, running 26% below average rainfall. what's providing us with rain is a weak boundary to the south of us. if we have anything at all today, might be an isolated shower or thunderstorm. just an isolated one. mainly off to the west of the area. look at future weather. you can see clouds moving through the area today. little bit of hazy sunshine. all in all, though, a mostly sunny sky for us. let's take a look at the high temperature for today. 95 degrees to 96 degrees from d.c. on south. 88 degrees pax river a little cooler today near the water with the southeast wind. here's a look at your good night wakeup forecast. 84 degrees by 9:00. 82 at 11:00. and we're into the upper 70s by this time tomorrow morning. what helped us this morning is the fact we got cooling storms
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and we had some fog around the area too. an excessive heat watch up for tomorrow as that heat index goes from 105 to 110. for today, danella, 90 to 96 degrees. we're going to start out in virginia. keep in mind i have washington boulevard closed at north glebe road during the ongoing investigation. i want to head up to howard county in maryland. route 32 east, an accident at broken land parkway. watching this so far, no traffic delays for you, want to keep you aware as you're making your commute. let's check out the area bridges. the roads are pretty quiet. this is the key bridge in virginia, nice and beautiful and quiet as we head over to the 14th street bridge. i love looking at this bridge at this time of morning because, when i see it at 6:00, it brings such pain to my heart. and the american legion bridge is looking good as well. back to you, aaron. >> and to everybody else too. thanks, danella. 4:54 is your time right now. a 14-year-old boy is recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg.
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this happened last night narcot near 14th street and columbia road. police have not arrested any suspects yet. no motive has been released either. we're learning about the latest robbery along the metropolitan branch trail. it stretches from union station in d.c. to silver spring. in the past 11 days there have been three robberies there. the latest incident happened monday morning in the brookland area northeast. a bicyclist was held at gunpoint. according to "the washington post," the victim said some of his possessions were later found in an alley on north capital street. there have been at least six robberies on the trail in the past few months. the guardian angels have been on patrols there, and they will be out again tonight from 6:00 to 8:00. it is now 4:55. 76 degrees. coming up, why it's good to be q
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welcome back. at 4:58, look at this before deciding to go out to lunch today. those calorie counts on restaurants' websites may not be accurate after all. investigators say one in five meals they tested actually have
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100 more calories than indicated. scientists say the biggest calorie discrepancies were at sitdown restaurants, not at fast food chains as you might have expected. they also say that chipotle, boston market, and bob evans were among the biggest offenders. >> my favorite places. >> i was going to say, what do you do for the next three weeks, aaron? millions of women may soon have access to birth control. the institute of medicine recommends that all insurance companies provide free birth control and that they cover diabetes tests during pregnancy and screenings for the virus that causes cervical cancer. the department of health and human services will make the final decision. loudoun's mayor is telling president obama to pay up for clogging -- london's mayor is telling president obama to pay up for clogging the streets of london with his motorcade. london has a congestion levy,


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